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10/13/03 - Add2it Go-To Free 1.21

New feature:

  • Script review system added to admin area.

09/29/03 - Add2it Go-To Free 1.20

New features:

  • You can now offer live support and track visitors on any web site that you are promoting (even if it's not yours)! InstaHe!p provides you with a new, professional way to approach potential customers that otherwise never existed until now!
    Note: This requires InstaHe!p.

  • The admin area has now the same look & fell like the other scripts.

Bug fixed:

  • The script now intercepts invalid characters in the link names.

02/06/03 - Add2it Go-To Free 1.11

New features:

  • File logging routines improved for additional security.

  • New login now only needed after password got changed. Changing any other script settings does not require a new login anymore.

Bug fixed:

  • Bug fixed that prevented that on some systems the monthly report has not automatically been send or the statistical view has not been updated.

02/19/02 - Add2it Go-To Free 1.10

Security problem fixed:

  • Now it is impossible to write to or execute files on a server that are outside the Add2it Go-To Free directory.

New features:

  • When you enter the password page the focus will now be right away on the password field.

  • With admin.cgi?pass=<admin-password> you can skip the password check and enter the Admin Control Center right away.

  • New message line type can now be chosen to prevent send message problems on some servers.

  • Add2it Affiliate Program members can now customize all links in the script to show their own affiliate id.

07/27/01 - Add2it Go-To Free 1.02

New feature:

  • In case the administrator forgot the access password, the script can now email him or her a new password.

Security problem fixed:

  • On some servers it was before possible to load the contiguration data. Now the administrator password is saved encrypted.

Bug fixed:

  • Now the banner ad will be displayed correctly at the bottom of the web page. Before pages have sometimes not been displayed at all.

04/02/01 - Add2it Go-To Free 1.01

Bug fixed:

  • The subject of the monthly email report showed the wrong month.

03/27/01 - Add2it Go-To Free 1.00 has been released!


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