How Add2it Go-To Adds Power to Your Business:
  • Powerful Link Management Tool.
  • Simple to understand, easy to use.
  • Handles ALL tracking seemlessly.
  • Provides detailed statistics reports.
  • Cloaked affiliate linker and affiliate sales generator.
  • Helps you to market more effectively.
  • Takes the guess-work out of marketing your business altogether.

Puts YOU Back in Control!

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How InstaHe!p Adds Power to Your Business:
  • Webmasters can instantly chat and provide support to prospective customers in real-time as they visit your web sites.
  • Provides Information Centre for affiliates without their own web site to enable real-time support when promoting affiliate programs.
  • Pro-actively generates more sales by keeping site visitors well-informed.
  • Gauge marketing efforts by seeing how many people are visiting your web sites and know exactly where they came from.

Make Your Business Work for You!

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