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Saturday, April 01 2023  

Advantages Of Starting Or Managing An Ezine Or
Mailing List Using Mailing List Management & Auto Responder Scripts
Author: Cathy Qazalbash

It is common knowledge that one of the best ways to build your business list is with a free newsletter. A quality, content-rich newsletter will enable you to build a list of loyal subscribers, who will become in time your life-long customers. Not only will they be happy to read your offers, when you blend them with your great content, they will even be responsive to your "backend offers" because you, their trusted publisher,recommended these products.

This is your optimum goal. Low subscribe rate, loyal subscribers, responsive readers and happy, satisfied customers. By this means you have 2 business lists. One your active subscribers and secondly your satisfied customers, both responsive to your offers. Now all you need is a means of managing your lists.

The versatile mailing list management & auto responder scripts! Your mailing list management & auto responder scripts are indeed your "best friends" for managing your ezine and business lists. There are many different ways mailing list management & auto responder scripts can be used, here are the main ones:

  • Firstly to send out your ezine/newsletter to all your subscribers in 1 big broadcast. 1 click of the mouse and your ezine is on its way to each of your subscribers.

  • Secondly to send notification of special offers to all your subscribers.

  • Thirdly good mailing list management & auto responder scripts will always personalize your newsletter and messages, people love this and you will gain loyal readers.

  • You can send "mailers" about offers to your list using your mailing list management script. And a series of messages about your offer in timed intervals using your auto responder script. These are effective because your reader will get to see your offer more than once.

  • For your customers you can set up a "thank you" sequence. Thank you for purchasing ... product and a week or so later I hope you are enjoying your product any questions contact ... and PS we have a special discount for you our valued customer on a useful accessory to the product (your backend sales).

  • A FAQ sheet can be set up on an auto responder script with commonly asked questions about your product, a great time saver.

  • Your mailing list management & auto responder scripts will manage all your lists.

  • Keeping track of how many active subscribers you have.
  • Recording all unsubscribed, deleting them from your list.

  • Allowing visitors to sign up with a subscribe form from your web site and automatically adding them to your list.

  • Putting an unsubscribe clause at the bottom of your newsletter so that your subscribers can automatically remove themselves.

  • Automatically removing bad email addresses from your lists.

These are just a few ways your mailing list management & auto responder scripts can help you automate your newsletter and manage your lists.

However always bear in mind that not all mailing list management & auto responder scripts are created equal. Some give you only partial service, others restrict your mailings, list numbers or number of campaigns.

Recently I came across a mailing list management script and an auto responder script that stood out from the rest. As well as taking care of the normal mailing list management & auto responder tasks, with no restrictions, they have some extra features like being able to send your newsletter in different languages. Another nice attribute is the ability to recognize bad email addresses; before they even get on your list, a great time saver. They also have great customer service and tech support!

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Article written by Cathy Qazalbash.
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